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Deputies Say Man Arrested for Kidding About TSA Missing Bomb in Florida Airport Bag!


CNS NewsA seemingly innocuous joke at a Florida airport took a serious turn when 27-year-old Mack Bjorn was arrested after allegedly jesting about a bomb in his bag. The incident occurred as Bjorn was preparing to board a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco.

According to authorities, Bjorn remarked while on the jetway, prompting concern from a fellow passenger and a flight attendant. When questioned, Bjorn purportedly reiterated his claim, stating that TSA agents had missed the bomb in his bag. Subsequently, he was escorted from the jetway and placed under arrest.

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Bjorn now faces charges of making a false bomb report, highlighting the severe consequences of such flippant remarks in the context of heightened security measures at airports. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and responsible behavior in air travel environments.

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