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NYC Bouncer Killed While Helping Coworker in Bar Fight, Friends Say He Did Nothing Wrong!


CNS NewsA Brooklyn bouncer who was fatally stabbed in the neck after entering a bar fight to help a female coworker did “nothing wrong,” his grieving friends said. Police and acquaintances said Laurence “Larry” Hopkins, 61, was fatally stabbed in the neck by a customer at The Garden Bar and Grill on Graham Avenue on Feb. 10. His killer remained at large Wednesday.

Mr. Larry was good. He did nothing wrong,” said Billy Cullum, 36, who affectionately called Hopkins his uncle despite not being related. “He didn’t deserve that stabbing. He just worked, took care of people, and ensured safety. He was unsafe that night. His life ended.

You know how people get. They get testy after drinking, Cullum told The Post. Larry just came and said, ‘You gotta chill, you can’t do this. He grabbed a weapon. Police said a Hopkins employee tried to squeeze past two customers who were arguing and blocking her path, starting the fight.

Investigators said Hopkins, who was eating chicken wings nearby, stood up to stop the pushing and shoving. Police said one of the men broke free and stabbed Hopkins multiple times, including once in his neck with such force that it cut through his tongue. Hopkins was urging everyone to relax.

Police later said some patrons heartlessly finished their drinks and stepped around the dying man on a bench. “Some of them finished their drinks before passing the bleeding victim on a bench. Sad state of affairs—at least call 911,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny told reporters at a briefing.

It was an undeserved end for the beloved jokester, Cullum said. “Larry was a good person,” he said. “I loved him because he was cool, not just because he was family. Some crazy, strange man did that to him at work one night.” “I knew Larry my whole life,” friend Ollie Cameron told The Post. “He joked often. He had a room full of folks laughing. His character was good. His fate was undeserved. Hurts. I hope they catch him soon.”

Police said Hopkins’ coworkers called 911 and gave him first aid while waiting for paramedics. A photo of a murder suspect and the murder weapon were released by investigators. One nighttime bar surveillance footage shows the killer wearing a Tommy Hilfiger red, white, and blue puffer coat, a white baseball cap, and a red hoodie. Nobody has been arrested in the case.

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NYC Bouncer Killed While Helping Coworker in Bar Fight, Friends Say He Did Nothing Wrong!

Sadly, the killer is still on the run after two weeks. I hope they catch him. He took my uncle, friend, and the good person from me, Cullum said. Hopkins’ friends had to decipher the chaos left by senseless violence like Hopkins’. “He didn’t come at you aggressive,” Cullum said. My uncle was working when a man killed him for arguing with someone else.

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