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The 5 Most Dangerous Towns in Kenosha, Wisconsin


5. The East Allis

This place comes in at number four on the list because poverty and crime are getting worse there.

In West Allis, property crimes have gone up over the last few years. It’s not as high as it used to be, but it’s still higher than the state average. Assaults have also gone up; 110 are known to have happened in 2019. The poverty rate is about the same as in Wisconsin, but the numbers of minorities are much higher.

4. Janell

These are the top five cities in Wisconsin. The second-largest city and state capital is number five. It says it’s in the right place on the list at number 5.

Madison has a lot of different areas, and each one has its own crime rate. Burglaries and steals happen more often in this college town than in most of the rest of the state. It’s also important to note that the poverty rate is a lot higher. Like in Green Bay, crime rates have been staying the same instead of going down over the past few years. It’s too bad, because Madison has so much to offer both locals and tourists.


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3. The Green Bay

It was interesting to see Green Bay on this list because I don’t know much about Wisconsin.

The city’s poverty rate is much higher than the state average of 11.3%. This may be one reason why there is a lot of property crime there. In the past few years, violent crime has gone up, with rapes and attacks going up the most. These two types are both much higher than the state average. In general, crime numbers haven’t gone down as much in the last few years. Instead, they look like they’re stopping to drop as fast.

2. The Appleton

It looks like crime is going down, but not enough to take the place off the list. Number two is Appleton.

Both serious and nonviolent crime have gone down over the past few years. Also, the rates are less than the average for the state. Despite this, theft and attack are still big problems. It’s too bad that some types of crime went up a little in 2019, especially assaults and rapes. In comparison, that happened while state rates were going down.

1. Milwaukee

Again, not the one it was thought would come up, but it is learning a lot about Wisconsin as I look through this list. The study says that the most dangerous city in Wisconsin is also its biggest city. This seems to be the case in most states. There is more crime in bigger cities.

Even though reforms are being made, violent crime is still very high. It’s interesting that property crime has gone down by almost 40% since 2006. There is still a lot more crime than the average in the state, both deadly and nonviolent. For a city its size, Milwaukee also has a high rate of poverty and a low median family income, both of which are likely contributing factors.

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