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Drugs Worth $350,000 were Stopped at Dulles Airport on Their Way to Paris!


CNS NewsAuthorities at Dulles International Airport have intercepted a significant marijuana shipment bound for Paris, thwarting the efforts of two individuals to transport illicit drugs overseas. The seizure, totaling 68 bags of vacuum-sealed cannabis buds, highlights ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking.

Kaliq Talib McCallister, 33, and Christian Tyler Knight, 28, both residents of Las Vegas, were apprehended after U.S. Customs and Border Patrol discovered the contraband concealed in three checked suitcases intended for a flight to Keflavik, Iceland, with Paris as their final destination.

Upon field-testing the contents of the bags, authorities confirmed the presence of marijuana, estimated to weigh over 72 pounds. The street value of the seized drugs in the United States is estimated at $350,000, with potential profits significantly higher in European markets.

Drugs Worth $350,000 were Stopped at Dulles Airport on Their Way to Paris!

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While acknowledging an increasing trend of U.S. growers and retailers exporting marijuana to regions such as Europe and Africa, CBP officials underscore the legal ramifications of drug smuggling. Despite the allure of higher profits abroad, individuals risk severe penalties for engaging in illicit activities.

McCallister and Knight face felony charges including possession with intent to distribute, transportation, and narcotics conspiracy. The interception serves as a reminder of the vigilance of law enforcement agencies in combating drug trafficking operations, both domestically and internationally.

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