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Eric Adams Compares Himself to Jesus and Blames Racism for Political Issues: ‘That’s Why People Are Hating on Me’!


CNS NewsIn a town hall meeting in Brooklyn, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City sparked a wave of controversy with his statements comparing his political challenges to the biblical figure of Jesus and attributing the criticism he faced to the racial composition of his administration. Adams, addressing the audience, highlighted the diversity of his team by showcasing his deputy mayors, all of whom are people of color, and posing a rhetorical question about the unprecedented leadership representation in the city’s history.

Adams’ tenure, which began in 2022, has been marked by several critical issues, including a migrant crisis and disagreements with the Democratic-led City Council, particularly regarding public safety bills. Amid these challenges, Adams found himself under the scrutiny of an FBI investigation related to his mayoral campaign.

Despite these hurdles, he remains steadfast in his belief that the adversity he faces is akin to the obstacles encountered by New York City’s first black mayor, David Dinkins, asserting that the pushback is a reaction to the progressive changes his administration is implementing.

The mayor’s remarks drew a parallel between his efforts to reform City Hall and the biblical account of Jesus cleansing the temple, as described in Matthew 21:12. This analogy was intended to underscore his mission to upend the status quo and bring about a moral and structural overhaul in the city’s governance.

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Furthermore, Adams lamented the historical treatment of Dinkins, suggesting that a similar pattern of resistance is being replayed in his administration, with detractors aiming to undermine the progress made towards inclusivity and justice. The implications of Adams’ speech are multifaceted, touching on themes of racial representation, political resistance, and the enduring struggle for equity in urban governance.

As New York City continues to grapple with complex social and political challenges, the mayor’s evocative rhetoric serves as a reminder of the deeply intertwined nature of race, history, and leadership in shaping the city’s future.

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