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Ex-Con Turning NYC Criminal Justice Activist Nabbed After Prison Rival’s Head Discovered in The Freezer of the Apartment He Left in A Blond Wig!


CNS NewsA Shocking Discovery in a Bronx apartment has led to the arrest of a once-prominent criminal justice activist, Sheldon Johnson after police found a dismembered body inside. The grisly scene unfolded in the sixth-floor apartment, where authorities uncovered a human torso in a blue bin and a head stashed in a freezer.

The accused killer, Johnson, was apprehended by police after surveillance footage captured him disguised in a blond wig at the scene of the crime. Johnson, a 48-year-old staffer for the public law firm Queens Defenders, gained recognition for turning his life around after serving time as an ex-convict. He had become a well-known victims’ advocate, even appearing on podcasts like Joe Rogan’s.

However, his past caught up with him as police identified the victim, 44-year-old Collin Small, who may have had a history of conflict with Johnson from their time at Sing Sing prison. Neighbors reported hearing pleas from the victim shortly before shots rang out in the apartment.

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Surveillance footage showed Johnson entering the building with cleaning supplies, later seen leaving in the victim’s vehicle and returning in an Uber, all while donning a wig to conceal his identity. Despite initial police checks on the apartment, it wasn’t until a subsequent visit that Johnson was taken into custody for questioning.

The building superintendent, who had raised concerns about Johnson’s behavior, expressed relief that the situation was addressed before any potential harm could come to him. Johnson’s transformation from a gang member to a criminal justice advocate now faces a dramatic reversal as he faces murder charges in connection with the gruesome discovery in the Bronx apartment.

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