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Audience Members Booed Letitia James on Stage at an FDNY Event!


New York Attorney General Letitia James faced a hostile reception during an event hosted by the New York Fire Department (FDNY) in Brooklyn. As James took the stage to address the crowd, she was met with boos, presumably stemming from her recent civil fraud case victory against former President Donald Trump.

Despite attempting to calm the audience by reminding them they were in a “house of God,” the hostility persisted, with some individuals even chanting the former president’s name. FDNY Chief John Hodgens condemned the disruptive behavior, emphasizing that the ceremony was meant to honor the accomplishments of department members and not to express political grievances.

James’s recent legal victory against Trump resulted in a significant financial penalty and a ban on Trump operating any business in New York for the next three years.

Audience Members Booed Letitia James on Stage at an FDNY Event!

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The contentious nature of the case has spilled over into public events, highlighting the polarizing nature of politics in the city. While James’s office did not provide a comment on the incident, the boisterous reception serves as a reminder of the deep divisions present in the political landscape of New York City.

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