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False Claims Circulate: Social Security Recipients Won’t Receive 2024 Stimulus Checks


As of January 2024, seniors receiving Social Security retirement assistance were receiving an average monthly payment of around $1,900. Amidst this situation, worries came out among certain recipients, sparked by a popular YouTube video and online news articles, raising doubts about the possibility of receiving additional funds.

However, VERIFY’s inquiry found that Social Security recipients are not slated to receive federal stimulus checks in 2024. The federal government, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Treasury Department, has clarified that no new stimulus payments are scheduled for this year.

The genesis of these false claims can be attributed, in part, to a surge in content generated by artificial intelligence (AI). McKenzie Sadeghi, AI and foreign influence editor for NewsGuard, explained that these articles are often produced by “content farms,” purported news sites relying on AI-generated content with minimal human oversight.

Sadeghi pointed out the telltale signs of AI-generated content, emphasizing inconsistent information, repetitive key phrases, lack of attribution, and a notable absence of transparency in the articles disseminating false claims.

Missed Payment Claims

As of January 2024, seniors receiving Social Security retirement assistance were receiving an average monthly payment of around $1,900.

The misinformation suggesting a fourth stimulus check is in the works is categorized as hoaxes aimed at driving traffic to websites, according to Sadeghi.

To clarify, any potential stimulus check issuance would require Congressional approval and the President’s signature, a process not currently in motion. The previous three stimulus checks were part of legislation passed by Congress and signed by the sitting president, with the most recent being the $1,400 payment under the American Rescue Plan in March 2021.

For those who missed out on the original federal stimulus payments, the option to claim remains open. Taxpayers seeking missing stimulus payments can file a tax return for either 2020 or 2021, or both, and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit. However, it’s essential to note that this process does not entail a fourth stimulus check.

As misinformation continues to circulate, individuals are urged to scrutinize content for signs of AI-generated articles, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the information they consume.

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