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New Jersey’s Gas Car Phase-Out Sparks Backlash Among Majority of Locals!


CNS NewsNew Jersey’s ambitious plan to completely phase out the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035 is encountering significant opposition from residents, according to a recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll. The poll revealed that 50% of New Jersey adults are opposed to the proposed rule, indicating a deep divide among residents on the issue of electric vehicles (EVs). Additionally, a majority of respondents, accounting for 56%, expressed reluctance to purchase an electric vehicle themselves.

Despite this resistance, there’s acknowledgment among New Jerseyans that transitioning to electric vehicles could positively impact the state’s air quality and residents’ health. However, concerns about personal finances loom large, with 47% of respondents fearing negative financial implications, while less than a third perceive a positive effect on the state’s economy.

Cost emerges as the primary deterrent for prospective EV buyers, with respondents also expressing apprehension about the availability and accessibility of charging infrastructure. Demographic disparities play a significant role in shaping residents’ attitudes toward the phase-out plan. Support for the mandate is notably higher among Democrats, with 68% backing the policy compared to only 15% of Republicans.

Additionally, the mandate garners majority support from Black and multiracial residents, younger individuals aged 18 to 34, and those residing in urban areas. However, uncertainties persist regarding the ultimate direction of public opinion, with experts attributing the current division to a lack of information and awareness about the issue.

Governor Phil Murphy’s plan stipulates that by 2027, at least 51% of all new car sales in New Jersey must be electric vehicles, as a precursor to the complete phase-out by 2035. Nevertheless, the feasibility of these plans remains subject to legislative approval and potential gubernatorial interventions.

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New Jersey's Gas Car Phase-Out Sparks Backlash Among Majority of Locals!

The poll also revealed potential political ramifications, with 45% of respondents indicating that they would be less likely to support a candidate who endorses the state’s phase-out policy. With attitudes toward EVs and the phase-out plan evolving amid ongoing debates and discussions, the future trajectory of New Jersey’s automotive landscape remains uncertain.

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