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Florida House Passes a Bill to Restrict Social Media Use by Minors Under 16!


CNS NewsIn a significant move toward regulating digital space usage among the youth, the Florida House recently passed a bill aimed at curbing social media access for individuals younger than 16 years. The Republican-backed legislation, considered one of the most stringent in the United States, seeks to address concerns over the addictive nature of social media platforms.

This bill, if ratified by the Senate and signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, would necessitate social media companies to deny account creation to minors under 16 and to deactivate existing accounts held by this age group. The enforcement mechanisms of this bill remain uncertain, yet it mandates these companies to implement “reasonable age verification methods.”

The scope of this legislation encompasses social media entities that engage in user activity tracking and content targeting based on such data. Additionally, it targets platforms that incorporate addictive design elements, facilitate content sharing and viewing, and enable user interactions or tracking.

Florida House Passes a Bill to Restrict Social Media Use by Minors Under 16!

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However, the bill delineates exceptions, excluding platforms primarily utilized for email, direct messaging, streaming, news, sports, non-user-generated entertainment, online shopping, gaming, photo editing, professional networking, and other similar services. This legislative effort underscores the growing concern among parents and lawmakers regarding the challenge of policing teen access to social media and the broader issue of age verification in digital services.

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