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Florida Man Detained in Austin After Alleged Mass Casualty Threat at Tesla Event!


In a disturbing development, 28-year-old Florida resident Paul Ryan Overeem was apprehended in Austin, Texas, following allegations of planning a mass casualty event at a Tesla function. Overeem’s arrest came after he reportedly issued menacing messages via Instagram, explicitly expressing intentions to harm Elon Musk and others attending the Tesla event.

He implored Tesla’s security to intervene. Tesla’s Senior Manager of Security Operations promptly alerted the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, initiating an investigation. Authorities tracked Overeem in Austin through his cell phone, leading to his capture by SWAT officers in a McDonald’s parking area.

During the arrest, Overeem conceded to possessing weapons in his vehicle and harboring plans for suicide. Currently, Overeem is confined in the Travis County Jail. He faces charges of terrorist threat, classified as a third-degree felony, and is held under a $300,000 bond​.

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