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Two Alabama Residents Face Burglary Charges After an Early Morning Break-In!


In a swift response to an early morning burglary on November 27, 2023, Alabama authorities successfully apprehended two suspects, Ashley Harvey and Ledarrius Ollison, both aged 31. The incident, which occurred in the 4000 block of Berwick Drive, led to the duo being charged with second-degree burglary.

The Montgomery Police Department (MPD) played a critical role in the quick resolution of this case. Their prompt action enabled them to capture the suspects at the scene and subsequently detain them in the county facility.

Harvey faced additional charges during her arrest, including second-degree arson and assault, resulting in a set bond of $25,000. Ollison’s bond was determined at $20,000. This incident underscores the persistent challenge of burglary crimes in the region.

Two Alabama Residents Face Burglary Charges After an Early Morning Break-In!

According to the most recent data, burglary rates in Alabama have shown fluctuating trends, with a notable increase in certain areas. The MPD and other law enforcement agencies continue to emphasize the importance of community vigilance and reporting suspicious activities to combat such crimes effectively.

The case of Harvey and Ollison is set to proceed through the legal system, where they will face the consequences of their actions. This event serves as a reminder of the law enforcement community’s dedication to ensuring public safety and the swift justice system in Alabama.

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