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Florida Representative Byron Donalds Says that Biden’s Open Borders Hurt Black Americans!


CNS NewsIn a recent interview on Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, Florida Representative Byron Donalds voiced strong criticism against the Biden administration’s open border policy, highlighting its adverse impact on Black Americans. Donalds emphasized the detrimental effects of the administration’s approach to illegal immigration, particularly on minority communities residing in urban areas.

He pointed out instances where Black and Hispanic families face significant challenges due to policies prioritizing migrants over the needs of existing residents. The congressman underscored the consequences faced by minority children, such as being displaced from schools and recreational centers, as resources are redirected to accommodate incoming migrants.

Donalds noted that the burden falls disproportionately on Black and Hispanic communities, exacerbating existing disparities. The 2020 presidential election revealed a notable shift in voter demographics, with a significant number of Black and Hispanic voters lending support to former President Donald Trump.

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This trend, Donalds argued, is expected to persist due to dissatisfaction with President Biden’s handling of immigration policies. Trump’s appeal to minority voters stemmed from his acknowledgment of longstanding concerns within these communities, including issues related to law enforcement and criminal justice.

By addressing these issues, Trump garnered support from a segment of the Black community, particularly among Black male voters. Furthermore, immigration emerged as a pivotal issue for minority voters, who expressed reservations about the impact of unchecked immigration on their communities.

Florida Representative Byron Donalds Says that Biden's Open Borders Hurt Black Americans!

Donalds highlighted the strain placed on struggling schools and the intensified competition for jobs, which disproportionately affects minority workers. The shift in support among minority voters underscores a growing disillusionment with the Democratic Party, which traditionally relied on their backing. Donald emphasized that Biden’s open border policies risk alienating the party’s traditional base and could have far-reaching consequences for future electoral success.

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