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Georgia Prison Uncovered Bare-Knuckle Fight Club, Broadcast Live on Instagram!


In a shocking revelation, a brutal bare-knuckle fight club was recently uncovered within Georgia’s prison system. Inmates covertly filmed and live-streamed these violent encounters on the Instagram account @wiglives, using phones that were smuggled into the prison. This illicit activity was not just limited to showcasing violence.

The Instagram account was also used to promote weekly fights and solicit donations through CashApp and PayPal. Investigations revealed that the phone number linked to the account had a Georgia area code, and the inmates involved were identified by their uniforms, which matched those issued in Georgia prisons.

The Georgia Department of Corrections (DOC) took immediate action upon discovering the live streams. Their investigations unit conducted a thorough review, identifying multiple prisons and several offenders who participated in these activities. Sanctions were promptly imposed on those identified.

Georgia Prison Uncovered Bare-Knuckle Fight Club, Broadcast Live on Instagram!

The live streams often depicted not only fighting but also the use of illicit substances. Prisoners were shown smoking what was claimed to be crack or synthetic marijuana, leading to severe physical reactions including convulsions, vomiting, and in some cases, loss of consciousness.

The reactions from viewers were often insensitive, with many posting laughing emojis and making disparaging comments. Following the increased scrutiny, the @wiglives account ceased activity abruptly three weeks ago. A final post announced that all activities would be held “until further notice.”

In response to these events, the DOC has intensified its monitoring efforts to prevent unauthorized social media use. Any offender found using contraband cell phones now faces strict sanctions, as part of the DOC’s ongoing efforts to maintain order and safety within Georgia’s prisons.

Georgia Prison Uncovered Bare-Knuckle Fight Club, Broadcast Live on Instagram!

This incident highlights a disturbing trend of violence and illegal activities within correctional facilities, raising serious concerns about security breaches and the well-being of inmates. It underscores the need for stringent measures to curb the use of contraband and the importance of continuous monitoring to ensure such activities do not go undetected.

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