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Ohio Turnpike Semi-Truck Driver Robbed at Gunpoint, the Accused Still at Large!


On a seemingly routine evening along the Ohio Turnpike, a semi-truck driver experienced a harrowing ordeal. Stationed on the roadside in Perrysburg, the driver became the target of an armed robbery. The events unfolded as darkness enveloped the area, around 6:40 p.m.

Two individuals faces concealed with ski masks, strategically parked their car on Mandell Road, a short distance from their target. Approaching the unsuspecting driver, they forcibly opened the door of the semi-truck, their intentions clear as they brandished their weapons.

The driver, caught off-guard, was robbed by these masked assailants. The suspects, ensuring a quick escape, hastily returned to their vehicle and fled the scene, disappearing into the night. The Ohio State Highway Patrol, upon being alerted, initiated a pursuit. However, the suspects remained at large, their whereabouts unknown.

This incident on the Ohio Turnpike is not just a solitary event; it highlights the growing concerns for the safety of those who traverse these busy highways, especially during vulnerable hours. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has intensified its efforts in the wake of this incident, aiming to provide a safer environment for travelers and workers alike. The search for the perpetrators continues, as authorities seek to bring justice to this audacious act of highway robbery​.

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