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Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Seeks a Government Refocus After It Lost Its Path!


CNS NewsRepresentative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia delivered a passionate address on the House floor, critiquing the government’s recent decisions on spending and foreign aid allocation. Greene voiced concerns over Congress’s approval of a $95 billion foreign aid bill, questioning the prioritization of such expenditures amidst America’s towering $34 trillion national debt.

In her address, Greene criticized the Senate for approving the aid package, which she believes neglects American interests, particularly amidst the ongoing immigration crisis. She highlighted the influx of millions of individuals from over 160 countries into the U.S. during President Biden’s administration, urging a reconsideration of foreign aid allocation.

Particularly contentious for Greene was the allocation of $60 billion for Ukraine, as she accused the country of corruption and decried its suspension of elections. She characterized the aid to Ukraine as a burden on an entire generation of Ukrainian men and rebuked the Biden administration’s support for the nation.

Furthermore, Greene raised concerns regarding aid to Israel, arguing for the nation’s autonomy in conducting its affairs without external interference. She cautioned against potential American influence over Israel’s government through financial support.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Seeks a Government Refocus After It Lost Its Path!

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Greene’s plea for a reevaluation of the foreign aid bill underscored the importance of prioritizing American taxpayers’ interests and domestic priorities. She urged her colleagues to uphold their oath of office and prioritize serving the American people and the United States.

Her address resonated with many Americans who share apprehensions about government spending and the perceived prioritization of foreign interests over domestic concerns. As debates surrounding foreign aid and government expenditure continue, Greene’s remarks serve as a reminder of the imperative to prioritize American taxpayers’ interests.

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