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Governor Abbott of Texas Declares Military Base at Border to Fight ‘Invasion’!


CNS NewsGovernor Greg Abbott of Texas has unveiled plans for the construction of a military base camp aimed at addressing what he perceives as an “invasion” of illegal immigrants along the state’s southern border. Against the backdrop of armed troops, Abbott announced the establishment of the base camp in Eagle Pass, Texas, spanning an expansive 80-acre area.

During a press conference on Friday, Governor Abbott emphasized the need to bolster border security capabilities, citing the ongoing challenges posed by illegal immigration. Ground has already been broken for the construction of the base camp, with Abbott affirming that the initiative will enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency for personnel stationed in Eagle Pass.

The base camp is projected to accommodate up to 2,300 soldiers, providing an increased presence to tackle the border crisis effectively. This development aligns with Governor Abbott’s staunch advocacy for what he views as Texas’ “constitutional right to self-defense” in the face of what he terms an “invasion.”

Despite a Supreme Court ruling mandating the removal of razor wire from the border, Texas has defied this order, with Abbott asserting the state’s determination to uphold its border security measures. Notably, all 25 Republican governors have expressed support for Abbott’s stance, with Texas deploying National Guard troops to defend the border.

Governor Abbott of Texas Declares Military Base at Border to Fight 'Invasion'!

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Governor Abbott’s proposal for the military base camp aims to centralize National Guard troops near the border, likening it to amassing a strategic army to bolster response capabilities. He emphasized the multifaceted benefits of the initiative, citing improved soldier conditions, reduced statewide expenses in addressing illegal immigration, and heightened morale among troops.

The camp’s amenities include individual soldier accommodations, recreational areas, Wi-Fi access, and a spacious dining hall, designed to alleviate the challenges of long commutes and cramped living conditions faced by soldiers. Additionally, Governor Abbott highlighted the expansion of razor wire effectiveness along the border as a measure to deter illegal crossings.

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