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Georgia’s Efforts for Homeless Population Sponsored by Governments and Volunteers!


CNS NewsEfforts to address homelessness in Georgia have been propelled forward by local governments and volunteers, aiming to provide a coordinated response to the 4.4% growth in the state’s homeless population. A statewide council may be established to enhance coordination following an audit that revealed the need for a more cohesive approach.

The annual homelessness census, conducted during the last 10 days of January, plays a crucial role in guiding legislative and funding decisions. Despite a 12% increase in the national homeless population from 2022, Georgia has seen a 37% decrease in homelessness since 2007.

In March, Gov. Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 62 into effect, requiring cities and counties to enforce public camping bans and audit local spending on homelessness.  The bill aims to streamline efforts and maximize the impact of the $549 million in federal funding allocated to Georgia between 2018-2022.

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Georgia's Efforts for Homeless Population Sponsored by Governments and Volunteers!

In Macon, efforts to end homelessness have led to the development of the Show the Way smartphone app, which acts as a decentralized case management tool.  The app allows users to provide person-centered information regarding health and access to services, aiding in the deployment of federal funding at the local level.

Other initiatives, such as the Rural Workforce Housing Initiative, have allocated $9 million for new housing and infrastructure in four communities, expected to produce 400 additional housing units. Atlanta and Athens-Clarke County have also allocated significant funds to support homeless assistance programs and low-barrier shelters. Despite these efforts, challenges remain, particularly regarding the enforcement of public camping bans and the need for a comprehensive, data-driven approach to address homelessness effectively.

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