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The NYPD Seized Over 6,000 Illegal Weapons Last Year. Below are Five Key Insights!


CNS NewsThe New York City Police Department (NYPD) has made significant strides in combating illegal firearms, seizing over 6,000 illegal guns in a year. The data, revealed in a city report, sheds light on the types of illegal guns seized and their origins.

One key takeaway is that a large portion of the seized guns were not connected to any crime. About two-thirds of the firearms seized had not been used in a crime, including those obtained from individuals without a license to possess a firearm and those voluntarily turned in at gun buyback events.

Additionally, the report highlights that precincts with high rates of gun violence, such as Brownsville and East New York in Brooklyn, accounted for a significant number of guns connected to crimes. The report also emphasizes that pistols were the most commonly seized type of firearm, comprising over 70% of all seized guns.

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Despite the comprehensive data provided in the report, it does not address the origin of illegal guns found in New York City due to restrictions imposed by the Tiahrt Amendment, a federal law that limits the sharing of gun trace data. Advocates argue that increased access to this data could help identify and prevent gun trafficking, ultimately reducing gun violence in the city.

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