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GOP Leader Keeps Catoosa County Candidates Off Ballot Despite Fines!


CNS NewsIn Catoosa County, the Republican party leader faces potential fines and even jail time for allegedly keeping eligible party candidates off the ballot. Despite a previous ruling in favor of the candidates earlier in the week, the party leader has persisted in denying them access to the ballot.

Four Catoosa County commission candidates, Larry Black, Steven Henry, Vanita Hullander, and Jeff Long, have been repeatedly denied ballot access, with some candidates being rejected multiple times. The judge presiding over the case has ordered escalating fines for each hour the candidates remain disqualified and the possibility of jail time for the party leader if compliance is not met.

Larry Black, elected Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for Catoosa County, expressed disappointment in the party’s actions, alleging favoritism toward handpicked candidates. Steven Henry echoed these sentiments, criticizing the party for underestimating voters’ intelligence and denying them the choice.

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Despite efforts by deputies to facilitate the submission of candidate applications, the party leader has refused to relent. The situation has caused shock among local officials, with Chuck Harris, vice chair for Catoosa County Board of Commissioners, expressing disbelief at the party leader’s defiance of court orders.

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