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Republicans in Texas Oppose a Bill That Would Link ERCOT to The National Grid!


CNS NewsA Coalition of Texas congressmen, including Randy Weber, Troy Nehls, Pat Fallon, and John Carter, is poised to introduce a resolution opposing a bill that seeks to link the state’s electric grid with the national grid. The resolution, set to be filed on Friday, underscores the sentiment echoed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and the Public Utility Commission of Texas, affirming that they are best equipped to evaluate proposals regarding the state’s power isolation.

The resolution firmly condemns any efforts by Congress or presidential administrations to federalize Texas electricity markets and emphasizes the importance of state regulators, as designated by the PUC and Texas legislature, in overseeing the electric grid.

Congressman Randy Weber articulated the resolve to maintain Texas’ autonomous grid, emphasizing that Texans oversee it, not the federal government. This opposition comes in response to the introduction of the “Connect the Grid Act” by Rep. Greg Casar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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The bill advocates for connecting ERCOT to the U.S. major electric grids, citing benefits such as cost savings, improved resilience during weather emergencies, and aiding national climate goals through Texas’ clean energy production.

Casar highlighted the disparity in blackout experiences during Winter Storm Uri, pointing out that areas like El Paso and Beaumont, which were not connected to ERCOT, were spared from power outages. However, proponents of the bill emphasize that ERCOT would retain control over the grid’s operation, with added oversight from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

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