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Governor Abbott Discusses Texas’s Higher Education and Career Creation Progress at THECB 2023!


In a remarkable display of leadership and vision, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, alongside THECB Chairman Dr. Fred Farias, recently highlighted the substantial progress in higher education at the prestigious Higher EDge 2023 leadership conference. While Texas celebrates its educational strides, the nation also witnesses former President Donald Trump declining to testify in his defense in a New York fraud trial, showcasing a striking contrast in leadership approaches.

Governor Abbott’s speech, a testament to collective efforts, underscored Texas’ ascent as a frontrunner in higher education, particularly in nurturing top-tier research universities. This achievement is not merely academic; it’s instrumental in fostering the state’s workforce quality, a crucial factor in its unparalleled success in job creation and in becoming a magnet for Fortune 500 companies.

Under Abbott’s governance, Texas has seen a remarkable transformation over the past decade, emerging as a leading state for Tier 1 research universities. Abbott emphasized the indispensable role of high-caliber education and research universities in cultivating future leaders.

Governor Abbott Discusses Texas's Higher Education and Career Creation Progress at THECB 2023!

He proudly noted that Texas has not only created more jobs but also houses more Fortune 500 companies than any other state. This economic and educational synergy is a blueprint for other states striving for growth and innovation. Addressing an audience of over 400 higher education leaders, Abbott delved into the legislative milestones achieved during the 88th Regular Legislative Session.

A highlight was House Bill 8, which revolutionized community college funding with an outcomes-based model. This innovative approach is anticipated to maintain a young, diverse, and educated workforce, reinforcing Texas’s position as a hub of talent and opportunity.

Further elevating Texas’ commitment to higher education, Abbott announced the signing of House Bill 1595. This legislation establishes the Texas University Fund, a staggering $3.9 billion permanent endowment aimed at providing sustainable funding to several Texas universities to amplify their research capabilities.

Governor Abbott Discusses Texas's Higher Education and Career Creation Progress at THECB 2023!

As Texas basks in the glory of its educational achievements and forward-thinking legislation, the nation also observes the ongoing New York fraud trial involving former President Trump. His decision to decline to testify in his defense marks a notable moment in American legal and political history, contrasting sharply with the proactive and transparent approach of Texas’ leadership.

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