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South Texas Has a Deadly “Love Triangle” that Leads to The Shooting!


A guy was shot and killed outside of a Northeast Side U.S. Post Office on Tuesday, December 12, in what police called a “love triangle” case. The police in San Antonio said the killing could be seen as self-defense. Around noon, someone was shot and killed at the U.S. Post Office in the 1900 block of Austin Highway, close to Eisenhauer Road.

Police spokeswoman Camelia Juarez said that a man and a woman were walking when a guy who was sitting in a car outside of the post office approached them. Juárez said that the three people who shot each other were related and that the killing was caused by a “love triangle.”

A fight broke out between the three of them, and both men showed their guns. Juarez said that the man who walked up to the man and woman was shot and died. Police haven’t said how old or what kind of person was shot and killed. Juarez said that the other guy was arrested while the woman was being questioned.

South Texas Has a Deadly "Love Triangle" that Leads to The Shooting!

Police think the shooting might have been “self-defense,” Juarez said. She did say, though, that murder detectives will have the final say on the case. Juarez said that the post office will still be open on Tuesday at 3 p.m. Juarez said that there isn’t any other threat to the public right now.

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