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Governor Abbott of Texas Sends 95,000 Migrants to Democratic Party-The Run Cities!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeTexas Governor Greg Abbott recently announced a significant milestone in his controversial migrant transportation strategy. According to his social media post, Texas has now sent over 95,000 migrants from the state to various sanctuary cities across the country. Governor Abbott of Texas send 95,000 Migrants to Democratic Party-The Run Cities

Governor Abbott’s decision to bus migrants to cities like New York and Chicago is a direct response to what he describes as the overwhelming challenges faced by Texas border towns. He asserts that this action will continue until there is a change in the Biden administration’s border policies, which he deems too lenient.

This strategy has not been without its critics. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre condemned it as a “political stunt,” while Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson have expressed strong disapproval. Both mayors highlight the strain this influx of migrants has placed on their cities’ infrastructure and services.

Mayor Adams has taken steps to restrict the arrival of charter buses carrying migrants into New York City, labeling Texas’ policy as a result of Governor Abbott’s “cruel and inhumane politics.” Similarly, Mayor Johnson of Chicago has criticized Abbott for his “reckless” actions, underscoring the challenges faced by his city in accommodating the increased number of migrants.

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This initiative by the Texas Governor reflects the ongoing national debate over immigration policies and the handling of migrant influxes at the U.S. border. It underscores the political and practical tensions between states and the federal government regarding immigration management.

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