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Sean Hannity Says He Will Be Moving From New York to Florida: “I’m Done”!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeFox News host Sean Hannity has announced his relocation from New York to Florida, a move he attributes to the alignment of the Sunshine State’s policies and elected officials with his conservative values. This decision marks a significant personal and professional transition for the prominent media figure.

Hannity expressed his enthusiasm for the move during his iHeartRadio show, citing Florida’s conservative leadership, including Governor Ron DeSantis and Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, as a key factor in his decision. He praised the state for its political environment, which he feels more closely reflects his own beliefs and values.

The host’s relocation is part of a broader trend of individuals moving from Democratic-led states to Republican-led ones, seeking lower taxes, less regulation, and policies more aligned with their preferences. Hannity emphasized the positive feedback he has received from others who have made similar moves.

Sean Hannity Says He Will Be Moving From New York to Florida: "I'm Done"!

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His departure from New York is a critique of what he perceives as the state’s high taxes, burdensome regulations, high crime rates, and subpar school districts. Hannity’s move is reflective of Florida’s growing appeal among those seeking a more conservative political climate, a trend that Governor DeSantis has been actively promoting.

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