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Greg Abbott is “Absolutely” on the Vice President List, according to Donald Trump!


CNS NewsFormer President Donald Trump has publicly declared that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is firmly positioned on his short list for potential vice presidential candidates in the upcoming 2024 election. Trump’s endorsement came during his recent visit to the Texas-Mexico border, where he praised Abbott’s leadership and commitment.

In a joint interview with Abbott on Fox News, Trump expressed his admiration for the Texas governor, referring to him as “a spectacular man” and acknowledging Abbott’s past endorsement of Trump during the previous presidential election. Trump emphasized Abbott’s effectiveness as a leader, stating, “And he’s done a great job,” affirming that Abbott would be seriously considered for the vice presidential role.

Abbott, however, downplayed his interest in the position during a subsequent press conference, emphasizing his dedication to serving the state of Texas. Despite Trump’s endorsement, Abbott reiterated his focus on Texas, particularly on issues concerning the upcoming midterm elections and his reelection bid in two years.

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During the interview, Trump also mentioned other potential candidates on his short list, including U.S. Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, who has received Trump’s endorsement and praise as an “unbelievable” campaign surrogate.

While Abbott has not always been as publicly aligned with Trump as some other Texas officials, such as Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who chaired Trump’s campaign in Texas, the two have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship, particularly during election seasons.

Trump’s early endorsement of Abbott in his 2022 reelection primary and their joint appearances at campaign events underscore their political alliance. Abbott’s aggressive policies on border security and immigration have garnered national attention, earning praise from Trump during their recent border visit.

Greg Abbott is "Absolutely" on the Short List for Vice President, according to Donald Trump!

Trump commended Abbott’s efforts to strengthen border enforcement, including the deployment of resources and personnel, as well as initiatives to confront the Biden administration’s approach to border control. Despite occasional differences, Trump’s endorsement of Abbott for a potential vice presidential role underscores the significance of Texas in the upcoming election and the continued influence of Trump within the Republican Party.

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