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Heartbreak in Queens: Couple’s $2M Dream Home Turns Nightmare with Unexpected Squatter!


CNS NewsA couple’s aspiration of settling into their dream home in Queens, New York, has morphed into a legal battle as they contend with an unexpected squatter occupying their property. Susana and Joseph Landa, both 68 years old, had envisioned a peaceful retirement alongside their disabled son in the tranquil neighborhood of Douglaston.

Their $2 million investment, made in October 2023, was intended to provide a secure and accessible environment for their son, who has Down syndrome. However, their plans were derailed when they discovered Brett Flores, 32, residing in the property, claiming to have had an agreement with the previous owner.

Court documents reveal that Flores had been employed as a caretaker by the former homeowner until his passing in January 2023. Despite lacking any formal tenancy agreement with the Landas, Flores has refused to vacate the premises, causing significant distress to the homeowners.

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Efforts to remove Flores have been stymied by legal complexities surrounding squatters’ rights in New York. Despite serving him a 10-day notice to vacate, the Landas encountered resistance when attempting to enter the property, prompting law enforcement involvement.

Flores’ actions, including listing rooms for rent on the property, have exacerbated the situation, leaving the Landas burdened with mounting utility bills and legal fees. Despite their numerous appearances in civil court, progress has been hindered by Flores’ disruptive tactics, including filing for bankruptcy to prolong his stay.

The Landas, determined to reclaim their rightful ownership, are pursuing legal avenues to evict Flores from their property. However, the protracted legal proceedings have underscored systemic challenges in addressing squatter-related disputes, leaving the couple frustrated and disillusioned.

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