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Viral Video Shock: Google Worker Caught Abusing NYC Rescue Dog Charges Filed Against Him!


CNS NewsA Google employee finds himself in legal trouble after a disturbing incident involving a small rescue dog captured attention in New York City. Eric Morrison, aged 34, has been charged by the police for an altercation that led to him allegedly kicking Jen Floyd’s Chihuahua named Knox. The incident occurred on February 23, prompting authorities to take action under New York’s Agriculture and Markets law.

According to sources, Morrison, a Yale and Oxford alumnus as per a now-deleted social media profile, is facing charges related to the altercation. However, Morrison contends that Floyd, the dog owner, was the aggressor in the situation. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has refrained from commenting on the ongoing case.

Floyd, who has a background in animal welfare and contributes to animal charities through her jewelry line, expressed relief that some accountability has been established for the distressing incident. Describing the ordeal as “incredibly stressful,” Floyd emphasized the importance of justice for Knox, her beloved pet.

The altercation reportedly began when Morrison, engrossed in a phone call, nearly collided with Floyd and her tiny dog Knox while walking on West 70th Street and West End Avenue. Floyd, concerned for her pet’s safety, cautioned Morrison, who allegedly responded by kicking Knox several feet away with considerable force.

The aftermath of the incident left Knox visibly distressed, exhibiting signs of pain and fear. Despite Morrison’s claims of self-defense and Floyd’s denial of instigating physical aggression, conflicting accounts have complicated the investigation.

Surveillance footage and social media documentation have contributed to public outrage, with online communities advocating for Morrison’s dismissal from Google. The incident has sparked debates on workplace conduct and accountability.

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Viral Video Shock: Google Worker Caught Abusing NYC Rescue Dog Charges Filed Against Him!

While Morrison maintains his innocence through legal representation, Floyd remains hopeful that justice will prevail. The legal proceedings are set to unfold further, shedding light on the complexities of the altercation and its repercussions.

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