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Horrific Accident: Ohio Teen Suffers Burns from Nail Polish Remover Incident!


CNS NewsIn a harrowing incident, a 14-year-old Ohio teenager, Kennedy, suffered severe burns due to an explosion caused by nail polish remover vapors igniting from a candle flame in her bedroom. The accident, which transpired last month, saw Kennedy engulfed in flames, leading to her sustaining burns over 13% of her body, including her arms, hands, stomach, and thighs.

The swift action of her siblings, who helped her and called emergency services, was crucial in her immediate rescue. Kennedy, an active cheerleader and saxophone player, was performing a routine beauty ritual, unaware of the potential hazards posed by the flammable substances in her beauty products.

The incident led to Kennedy undergoing skin graft surgery and necessitating ongoing physical and occupational therapy at Shriners Children’s Ohio in Dayton. The ordeal has not only left physical scars but also rendered Kennedy’s family unable to return to their fire-damaged home.

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Kennedy’s courage in sharing her story serves as a poignant reminder of the dangers lurking in everyday substances and the need for awareness regarding fire safety, particularly in the presence of flammable materials.

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