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Hotly Debated: 7 Ohio Burger Joints You Absolutely Must Visit!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeOhio’s culinary scene boasts a tantalizing array of burger joints, each offering a unique twist on this classic American fare. The article “7 Must-Try Burger Spots in Ohio” highlights seven standout establishments that have captured the taste buds of locals and visitors alike.

These include Tank’s Bar and Grill in Dayton, Gahanna Grill in Gahanna, Sammy’s Craft Burgers and Beers in Cincinnati, Crabill’s Hamburgers in Urbana, The Thurmanator in Columbus, Flip Side in Columbus, and Terry’s Turf Club Burger in Cincinnati.

Each spot on this list is celebrated for its unique offerings, from freshly cooked-to-order burgers to an array of craft beers. However, the public’s opinion on this list is as diverse as the burgers themselves.

Hotly Debated: 7 Ohio Burger Joints You Absolutely Must Visit!

While some readers agree with the selections, others believe that the list overlooks many deserving spots from other parts of Ohio. Suggestions from the public include Kewpee’s Hamburgs in Lima and Wilson’s Sandwich Shop in Findlay, along with the Red Hen Burger at the Red Hen in Plain City.

These recommendations highlight that Ohio’s burger scene is rich and varied, with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The consensus is that while the burgers featured in the article look appetizing, a more inclusive list would better represent the state’s diverse culinary offerings.

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