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Springfield Township PD and Officer’s Estate Face Legal Action Following Tragic Crash!


A tragic crash in Springfield Township has led to a complex legal battle involving the police department, the estate of a deceased officer, and a grieving family. The family of William Dunson, a 50-year-old civilian who lost his life in the crash, has filed a lawsuit against the Springfield Township Police Department, Chief of Police Rick Bley, and the estate of Officer Tim Unwin.

The fatal incident occurred on March 31 on Hamilton Avenue in North College Hill, claiming the lives of both Dunson and Officer Unwin. A recently released video captured the harrowing aftermath, showing Dunson still alive when first responders reached his car.

The Cochran firm, representing the Dunson family, alleges that Officer Unwin’s recklessness led to this tragedy. Officer Unwin was responding to a call for assistance, traveling at high speeds with his cruiser’s lights and sirens activated.

However, the crash report indicates that he was driving at 84 mph in a 25-mph zone and lost control of his cruiser, leading to the fatal collision with Dunson’s vehicle. The lawsuit has brought to light questions about police conduct, road safety, and the responsibilities of law enforcement officers in high-speed situations.

Springfield Township PD and Officer's Estate Face Legal Action Following Tragic Crash!

Springfield Township has refrained from commenting on the pending lawsuit, a stance echoed by legal analysts who emphasize the risks of making public statements during ongoing legal proceedings. As the case unfolds, it raises critical issues about the balance between urgent law enforcement response and public safety, with a family seeking justice for the loss of a loved one.

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