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House Republicans Will Approve Aid to Ukraine After Reversing Their Demand for A Border!


CNS NewsIn a significant reversal, House Republican leadership has decided to separate funding for Ukraine from the issue of border security, signaling a shift in their approach to providing aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Speaker Mike Johnson announced the decision at the House Republican retreat, indicating that bills to fund Ukraine’s defense and Israel’s military efforts against Hamas would be brought up separately in the coming weeks.

This decision marks a departure from the previous stance of House Republicans, who had insisted on addressing border security before considering further aid for Ukraine. In a letter to the White House last year, Johnson had explicitly stated that Ukraine funding was contingent on enacting changes to border security laws.

However, efforts to pass legislation addressing border security faltered in the Senate, leading to a deadlock that prevented additional funding for Ukraine. The failure of this legislation, coupled with pressure from within the party, appears to have prompted House Republicans to reconsider their approach.

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House Republicans Will Approve Aid to Ukraine After Reversing Their Demand for A Border!

Notably, the shift in strategy comes amid tensions within the Republican Party, with some members, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, threatening to challenge Johnson’s leadership if he pursued funding for Ukraine without addressing their border security concerns.

The decision to decouple Ukraine aid from border security indicates a willingness on the part of House Republicans to prioritize support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. It also reflects a recognition of the urgent need to provide assistance to Ukraine, which has been facing a devastating Russian invasion.

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