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Judge Rejects Trump’s Attempt to Dismiss Case Involving Classified Documents!


CNS NewsIn a significant development in the federal criminal case against former President Donald Trump, the presiding judge, Aileen Cannon, has denied one of Trump’s motions to dismiss the case. The motion in question argued that the main statute prosecutors are using against him is unconstitutionally vague as it applies to presidents.

Judge Cannon ruled that this argument is premature and is better suited to be addressed later in connection with jury-instruction briefing or other appropriate motions. This decision indicates that the judge is skeptical of Trump’s defense team’s arguments and suggests that the case will proceed to trial.

The ruling came after a daylong hearing during which Trump’s legal team sought to have the charges against him dismissed. Trump’s attorneys had also argued that the Presidential Records Act bars his prosecution, but Judge Cannon indicated that she was skeptical of this argument as well.

The case revolves around allegations that Trump wrongfully retained classified documents after leaving the White House. Trump has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which include willful retention of national defense information, false statements, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Judge Rejects Trump's Attempt to Dismiss Case Involving Classified Documents!

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The denial of Trump’s motion to dismiss is a significant setback for his defense and indicates that the case will continue to move forward. The judge’s decision sets the stage for a trial in which Trump will have to defend himself against serious charges related to the mishandling of classified information.

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