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In a Campaign Interview, Texas Representative Shawn Thierry Makes Homophobic Comments!


CNS NewsTexas State Representative Shawn Thierry faces backlash after making homophobic remarks during a campaign interview for the Texas House District 146 seat. The Houston Chronicle’s Editorial Board endorsed Thierry’s opponent, Lauren Ashley Simmons, citing concerns over Thierry’s behavior and policies.

During the interview, Thierry interrupted Simmons, a community advocate, as she mentioned endorsements from Thierry’s colleagues. Thierry’s interruption, described as “combative and petty,” included a reference to the sexual orientation of three state representatives who endorsed Simmons.

This incident has drawn criticism and highlighted Thierry’s contentious stance on LGBTQ+ issues. Thierry, known for her emotional speech supporting a controversial law banning gender-affirming care for transgender children, has faced accusations of creating a hostile work environment in her office.

Reports suggest instances of abusive behavior, including allegations of throwing flower pots at former staffers. Simmons, on the other hand, gained attention for her advocacy against the takeover of Houston Independent School District (HISD).

In a Campaign Interview, Texas Representative Shawn Thierry Makes Homophobic Comments!

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Her viral video addressing this issue garnered widespread support and showcased her commitment to community concerns. As the primary for House District 146 approaches on March 5th, Thierry’s actions and statements are under scrutiny, with voters weighing her controversial behavior against Simmons’ platform.

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