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In a Video, Florida Officials Catch and Remove a Huge Alligator From a Path That Kids Often Use


A 12-and-a-half-foot alligator was seen strolling along a road that kids use to walk to and from a nearby school. It was recently caught by Florida police and taken to a safe place.

The Pinellas Sheriff’s Office says that earlier this week, a worried resident called to say that there was an alligator on a road that kids often take to school.

As soon as the cops got to the wooded area, they saw the huge alligator meandering along the path.

“When deputies got there, they found this real dinosaur and called Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) for help right away,” the Pinellas Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

When the event was caught on video, the beast was seen moving along a chain-link fence.

Someone can be heard telling them, “Stay, I told you to stay.” “Good boy.”

The video cuts to the FWC tying up the squirming alligator with a rope before they taped its huge jaws shut.

The agency said the group of wranglers was “a little scared but willing.”

The big alligator was seen being gently patted by police before it was taken to a sanctuary in southern Florida to help it “de-stress.”

FWC says that gators may be moving to find a mate in May, which is mating season for them.

Park rangers warn people to stay away from alligators at all times because they are wild animals that can be dangerous if they feel threatened.

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