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South Carolina Democratic House Member’s Law License Suspended Following Forgery Allegations


CHARLESTON, S.C.— A former client of a South Carolina lawmaker said that he faked his signature to reach a settlement in a case without his permission, so his law license was taken away.

In a written order released Friday, the state Supreme Court said that Democratic Rep. Marvin Pendarvis cannot work as a lawyer until the ban is lifted.

The order didn’t say why the Office of Disciplinary Counsel thought the ban was a good idea. Pendarvis hasn’t said anything about the case that his former client Adrian Lewis filed against him. Friday, someone called his law office line but no one answered.

After suing Pendarvis last month, Lewis hired a new lawyer who gave a news conference to talk about the malpractice claims against him.

Lewis went after the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office for arresting him in 2021. The new lawyer said Pendarvis told him his case was worth up to $325,000 but then settled it for $10,000 without telling Lewis.

The claim says that Pendarvis didn’t answer Lewis’ questions for weeks. Pendarvis then gave Lewis $75,000 cash from his trust fund for clients when Lewis said he would sue if he found out about the deal.

Pendarvis then texted Lewis several times to ask him not to sue.

“Let’s take care of this (expletive)” Don’t try to hurt me, man. In texts that were shared with the lawsuit, Pendarvis wrote to Lewis, “I can help you.”

Because he lives in North Charleston, Pendarvis is running for a fifth term in the House. There is no one running against him in either the Democratic primary in June or the general race in November.

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