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In Advance of the First Debate, Trump Insists That Biden Submit to a Drug Test


Former President Donald Trump has expressed his desire for Vice President Joe Biden to undergo a drug test prior to their first debate.

This statement was made by Trump on Friday at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner hosted by the Minnesota Republican Party. “I’m going to demand a drug test as well,” Trump stated. “I am, the truth is that I am. He was as high as a kite, and I don’t want him to come in like the State of the Union in the first place.

Additionally, Trump has remarked in a previous radio interview that Biden was “higher than a kite” and “all jacked up” at the beginning of his State of the Union speech. This statement was made in reference to Biden’s performance.

Both the former president and Vice President Biden quickly reached an agreement to participate in two presidential debates, which will take place on Wednesday on CNN and ABC. At this point, there is just a little more than a month left until Biden and Trump take part in their very first debate.

They are required to be fair, and if they are not, you will have to face with the consequences. I believe that they are required to be fair. Do you agree? At the event, Trump made the statement that “you have to deal with it.”

When Vice President Joe Biden delivered the State of the Union speech in March, Republican Representative Greg Murphy of North Carolina speculated on Thursday that he “must have been jacked up.”

When I was in the room for the State of the Union address, I noticed that Joe Biden appeared to be experiencing some kind of mental illness. From a medical point of view, I have no doubt that this is the case, and I actually have some excellent understanding about what took place,” Murphy stated. “He is unable to stand, and he is unable to stand under the lights for that long. Furthermore, I do not believe that he is capable of retaining a concept in his mind for that long.”

The Hill has attempted to get in touch with the Biden government.

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