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Iranian Man Kills 12 Relatives With Kalashnikov, Sparking National Concern


In a disturbing turn of events, a 30-year-old man in a secluded village in the south-central province of Kerman, Iran, tragically took the lives of 12 members of his family, including his father and brother, using a Kalashnikov rifle.

This tragic incident, considered the most lethal shooting in Iran in recent years, has deeply impacted the nation and sparked concerns about the availability of high-powered weapons in a country known for its strict gun regulations.

Ebrahim Hamidi, head of the justice department of Kerman province, verified the somber information to the semiofficial ISNA news agency. The incident took place on Saturday morning and was a result of family disputes, the specifics of which are still undisclosed.

Iran Alarmed by Kalashnikov Use in Uncommon Civilian Firearm Incident

This picture taken on August 16, 2022, shows a Kalashnikov submachine gun exhibited during the Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum at the Russian Armed Forces’ Patriot Park in Kubinka, outside Moscow.

The use of a Kalashnikov by the attacker has caused significant concern among both local residents and officials in Iran, where civilian firearm possession is usually limited to hunting rifles.

This tragic event is particularly notable in Iran, a country where mass shootings are infrequent. In a nation with strict regulations on gun ownership, the event highlights the deadly consequences when firearms, particularly those of significant power, are accessed by civilians.

The presence of such a rifle in the assailant’s possession is causing serious concerns regarding the spread of these weapons despite legal restrictions.

This event closely resembles a previous tragedy that occurred two years ago. A former employee of a state-owned financial conglomerate opened fire at his former workplace in western Iran, resulting in three deaths and five injuries before he committed suicide.

Such events, while infrequent, underscore the effects of economic challenges in Iran, a country facing severe financial difficulties due to global sanctions, rising inflation, and increasing joblessness.

Now, the Iranian government is facing the task of tackling the societal issues that lead to these family conflicts and reassessing their gun control policies to avoid more tragedies.

Authorities will likely investigate the details of the conflict that led to this tragedy, while the community reflects on the broader issues of gun access and the serious outcomes of unresolved family problems.

As the nation grieves, the wider consequences of this event go beyond the initial shock and sorrow. This incident highlights how family relationships can be strained by various pressures, leading to tragic outcomes. It also underscores the importance of enforcing gun control laws to prevent such disputes from escalating into larger tragedies.

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