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Khanna Urges Biden ‘Needs to Do Something Bold,’ Especially Considering the Israel-Hamas Battle!


CNS NewsDemocratic Representative Ro Khanna has called on President Biden to take decisive action in resolving the Israel-Hamas conflict. Khanna emphasized the need for bold leadership, suggesting that Biden should push for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza. Khanna’s remarks come amidst concerns about waning support for Biden among certain segments of the Democratic base.

He stressed the importance of addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and advocating for a two-state solution. The ongoing negotiations for a temporary cease-fire between Israel and Hamas have prompted Khanna to urge Biden to seize the opportunity for broader diplomatic engagement.

He proposed convening Gulf allies, Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and civil society representatives to facilitate dialogue and advance toward a lasting resolution. While the Biden administration initially expressed unwavering support for Israel, mounting pressure to address civilian casualties in Gaza has prompted calls for a more assertive approach.

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Khanna’s plea for a permanent cease-fire reflects growing concerns about the human toll of the conflict and the need for diplomatic intervention. As the negotiations continue, Khanna’s advocacy for bold action underscores the urgency of addressing the root causes of the Israel-Hamas conflict and advancing prospects for lasting peace in the region.

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