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House Approves Immigration Bill Named for Georgia Student Laken Riley Who Was Killed!


CNS NewsThe House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday, named after Laken Riley, a Georgia student who tragically lost her life. The legislation mandates the detention of migrants involved in burglary or theft offenses. The bill, known as the Laken Riley Act, received bipartisan support, with 251 votes in favor and 170 against.

Laken Riley’s untimely death has been a focal point for Republicans, who have criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Speaker Mike Johnson highlighted instances where individuals, including Riley, fell victim to crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. The accused in Riley’s case, Jose Ibarra, was a Venezuelan citizen who had entered the country illegally and was charged with her murder.

In response to Riley’s death, Republicans have intensified their stance on border security, with some lawmakers urging President Biden to address the issue during his State of the Union address. While Republicans advocate for stricter immigration measures, Democrats have criticized the politicization of Riley’s tragedy, calling it a partisan maneuver.

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The proposed bill marks a significant shift in detention policies, aiming to detain individuals arrested for nonviolent crimes related to burglary, theft, larceny, or shoplifting. However, it remains unclear whether such measures would have prevented Ibarra’s release into the country after his initial detention near El Paso, Texas.

Despite the political divide, studies consistently show that migrants are less likely to engage in criminal activities compared to native-born citizens. Nonetheless, immigration remains a contentious issue, especially as it gains prominence in the lead-up to the presidential election.

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