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Las Vegas Guy Who Broke Into an 85-Year-Old Woman’s Residence and Killed Her Takes Plea Agreement!


CNS NewsIn a tragic incident that has shaken the Las Vegas community, 29-year-old Demetrius Walker has entered a guilty plea to murder charges following a violent break-in that led to the death of 85-year-old Mary Louella. The attack, which occurred in April 2021, resulted in severe injuries for Louella, culminating in her death a week later due to complications from a brain bleed and cardiac arrest.

Walker’s plea agreement, reached shortly before his trial was set to commence, could see him facing a minimum of 25 years to potentially more than 50 years to life in prison, reflecting the gravity of his actions and the enhancement due to the victim’s advanced age.

The incident unfolded in a residential complex near Sunset Road and Whitney Ranch Drive, where Walker forcibly entered Louella’s apartment. In a statement made to 8 News Now Investigators, Walker recounted the events leading up to the assault, claiming a moment of panic upon hearing Louella scream, which prompted him to flee the scene.

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Expressing remorse for his actions, Walker extended his apologies to the victim’s family, acknowledging the irreversible harm caused by his actions. “I pray for her,” he stated, “I’m sorry to the victim’s family. I pray for them every day. I accept everything I did. I acknowledge it.” Walker’s sentencing, scheduled for March 26, will conclude a case that has highlighted the vulnerabilities of the elderly in the community and the devastating impact of violent crimes.

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