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Texas Drug Law Enforcement Is Prohibited by Marijuana Policies: Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Suit Against Five Cities!


CNS NewsTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton has initiated legal action against five cities within the state, challenging their decisions to decriminalize marijuana. The move underscores the ongoing conflict between the conservative state leadership and its more progressive urban centers, which have sought to reform cannabis laws in recent years.

The cities targeted by Paxton’s lawsuit—Austin, San Marcos, Killeen, Elgin, and Denton—have all passed ordinances that instruct law enforcement and judicial officials to deprioritize marijuana-related offenses, particularly those involving small quantities of the substance.

These legislative changes, which emerged between one to three years ago, have not legalized the sale of marijuana but have aimed to reduce the legal consequences for possession of minor amounts. Paxton’s legal challenge is grounded in the Texas Local Government Code, which prohibits local entities from adopting policies that fail to fully enforce state drug laws.

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The Attorney General’s office has articulated concerns over the potential negative consequences of marijuana use, citing links to psychosis and other adverse effects. This lawsuit reflects a broader trend of tension between state authorities and municipal governments over the scope of local autonomy in legislative matters.

Paxton’s assertion that the responsibility for drug decriminalization rests with the state legislature resonates with a similar stance taken by the city of Harker Heights, which retracted its decriminalization ordinance following local law enforcement opposition. As the legal battle unfolds, the case is set to test the limits of local governance in Texas and the state’s approach to marijuana policy, a hotly contested issue in American politics.

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