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Man Arrested for Alleged Felony Assault on Pro-Palestinian Encampment at UCLA


The bodies of four men and two women were found piled up on a street in Acapulco, Mexico, a vacation city on the Pacific Ocean.

Late Monday night, the bodies of the people who had been killed and had their hands tied behind their backs were found. The killings are still being looked into, and the killers’ names have not been made public.

Five bodies that had been cut up were found on a street in Acapulco last week. One of the victims was running for a town council seat in the nearby town of Coyuca de Benítez.

The Associated Press says that Mexican drug gangs often kill their victims by suffocation, which can be done by strangling them or putting duct tape or plastic bags around their heads.

Acapulco is still recovering from the damage done by Category 5 Hurricane Otis in October of last year. The hurricane killed 52 people and ruined many hotels along the beachfront.

Eduardo Chávez, who was in charge of traffic cops in Acapulco, was found shot to death in the city at the beginning of April.

According to the AP, drug gangs in Mexico often make bus and taxi drivers work for them. They may have been angry that these drivers were pulled over for traffic violations. In March, videos were said to have been shared on social media showing drug gang members severely beating bus drivers in Acapulco for not keeping an eye out for the group.

Two guys were found dead at the popular Condesa beach there a month before. They had been strangled.

The U.S. State Department says that Americans shouldn’t go to Guerrero State, which is where Acapulco is, “due to crime.”

“There is a lot of crime and bloodshed. The State Department says that in many parts of Guerrero, armed groups work without permission from the government. “Members of these groups often put up roadblocks and may attack travelers violently.” People who are citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States have been kidnapped in the past.

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