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George Conway Makes Fun of Donald Trump With a Hurtful Billboard in the “Perfect Location”


Donald Trump is getting a harsh message from George Conway in the former president’s own home.

The conservative lawyer paid for a sign that says “I am against Trump” to be put up near the former president’s home in Palm Beach, Florida. “Vote for Joe, Not the Psycho” is written on it.

“Just for fun, I put up a billboard a few miles south of Palm Beach on I-95 South, perfect for anyone going from Mar-a-Lago to Doral to, say, play golf,” Conway wrote on Thursday on X, which used to be Twitter.

He told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that he did it “on a lark” because he is a strong Trump foe. He said that the phrase is already on blue and white bumper stickers and hats that he made.

Some reporters told me that he’s not going to Bedminster this summer because the campaign is going to be run out of an office near West Palm Beach Airport, so I thought about putting it up at the Holland Tunnel or the Lincoln Tunnel instead. Conway announced his divorce from Kellyane Conway, who used to work as a counselor for Trump in the White House, last year.

“So, this was the best place,” the lawyer said. “I hope he sees it, and I hope it makes him laugh as much as it makes me.”

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