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Man Who is Supposed to Have Shot His Stepmother is Being Held at Home


ABQ, New Mexico —
“I feel like the criminals in this state of New Mexico are protected and have more rights than the victims,” Chester said.

Victoria Bencomo was shot at her high school graduation on May 8, and Cristian Bencomo is charged with that.

Now, Chester is also trying to figure out why the judge told Cristian to stay at home.

“He gets to, you know, go home and sleep in a warm bed?” Chester said. “My sister is sleeping in a hospital bed every night with tubes in her neck.”

No crimes have been committed by the 21-year-old. The judge doesn’t think this makes him a public safety risk. John Day, a lawyer, says that cases like this still raise a lot of questions.

“It’s just the most unexpected place to have a shooting is at a graduation, which is supposed to be a nice celebratory event for families,” he said.

He is charged with aggravated battery against a family member, which is a third-degree felony and one of the more serious charges against him. Day says that this kind of charge could get you locked up for a long time.

“These are extremely serious charges that could result in years in a state prison,” he said.

Friends and family of Chester say they are doing everything they can to keep the family together as the trial goes on.

“My sister doesn’t seem safe to me.” Chester said, “I don’t think I’m safe at all.”

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