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Medicaid Enrollees Facing Decision: Select a Health Plan by March 10 to Keep Preferred Doctors


Over 1 million individuals in Oklahoma, with almost half being children, benefit from health care coverage provided by SoonerCare.

In 2022, a new law was signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt, officially making Oklahoma the 41st state to implement managed Medicaid.

Under managed Medicaid, the state contracts third-party companies to oversee patients’ care.

It ensures that those companies are responsible for the cost and quality of care provided to patients.

Oklahoma’s managed Medicaid program, SoonerSelect, will commence on April 1st. If you or a loved one is on SoonerCare, it’s important to stay informed about the upcoming changes.

SoonerSelect may not be the right choice for everyone. For instance, individuals enrolled in the Aged, Blind and Disabled program will maintain their existing coverage.

There is no action required from these individuals.

Over 307,000 individuals in Oklahoma had their SoonerCare coverage terminated in the past nine months

Children, expectant mothers, young families, and numerous adults qualify and need to select a health plan to address their healthcare requirements.

Individuals who qualify started receiving letters in January, sent to the address on record with SoonerCare.

March 10 Deadline: Choose Health Plan or Face Automatic Assignment


Over 1 million individuals in Oklahoma, with almost half being children, benefit from health care coverage provided by SoonerCare.


Decisions must be made by March 10 to secure the preferred health plan. If a choice is not made or the deadline is missed, the insurance plan and primary care physician will be selected for them.

After being assigned, individuals can only switch insurance plans during the initial 90 days of coverage.

Members have the flexibility to switch primary care physicians whenever they want, as long as the new physician is within the network.

SoonerSelect health plans operate similarly to employer-sponsored insurance plans and are provided by companies with expertise in managed Medicaid in different states.

Within SoonerSelect, you have three choices: Oklahoma Complete Health, Aetna Better Health of Oklahoma, and Humana Healthy Horizons. SoonerSelect members will be able to select a plan.

All plans provide the same fundamental benefits that closely resemble SoonerCare. What makes each plan even more appealing are the additional perks they provide.

These additional benefits allow SoonerSelect members to enhance their health care coverage with other services that are important to them.

For instance, individuals can receive financial incentives for visiting their primary care physician, improved vision care options, support for new parents, telehealth services, and a wide range of healthcare providers to choose from.

Improving healthcare for all is the ultimate objective.

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