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Florida Man Charged with Intent to ‘Hunt Down’ and kill Palm Beach State judges, Prosecutor Says!


CNS NewsA suburban Boca Raton man finds himself behind bars following alarming threats directed towards Palm Beach County judges and a prosecutor. John Mandia, 54, faces serious charges after posting menacing messages on his Facebook page, targeting individuals involved in his past domestic violence and stalking cases.

Mandia’s Facebook posts, characterized by profanity-laden language and references to violent retribution, prompted immediate action from law enforcement authorities. Concerned residents alerted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, fearing the potential for Mandia to act on his threats.

During interviews with Mandia’s ex-wife and daughter, both expressed genuine fear regarding his intentions, citing previous encounters and escalating behavior. Mandia’s history with the criminal justice system, including violations of restraining orders and aggravated stalking, adds gravity to the situation.

The severity of Mandia’s threats prompted Assistant State Attorney Bryan Poulton to seek pre-trial detention, highlighting the potential danger posed to the community. Despite arguments for detainment, Circuit Judge Donald Hafele sets bail at $150,000 for each of the three counts, imposing strict conditions to prevent Mandia from contacting judicial personnel or accessing social media.

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Mandia’s case underscores the challenges in addressing threats against judicial officials and the necessity of swift and decisive action to protect the integrity of the legal system. His arrest serves as a warning against the proliferation of online threats and the potential consequences for those who seek to undermine the rule of law.

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