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Missing Autistic Teen Found in New Mexico, 200 Miles from Arizona Home!


CNS NewsA missing 13-year-old with autism was discovered in New Mexico, approximately 200 miles away from his residence in southern Arizona, according to New Mexico State Police, as reported by NewsBreak. The teenager vanished from his family’s home in Tucson, prompting a search effort.

After going missing, the teenager appeared at a Walmart in Deming, New Mexico, the following day. Authorities in New Mexico sought the public’s assistance in identifying the young man by sharing his image on social media. Within minutes, a member of the community recognized him from a prior post by the Tucson Police Department.

New Mexico State Police confirmed that the teen had been reunited with his family and was safely returned home. Expressing gratitude for the support received, New Mexico State Police acknowledged the collaborative effort that led to the teen’s safe return. The circumstances surrounding the teenager’s journey remain unclear to his family.

His brother, Mikel Desmond, recounted waking up to find the teenager missing, with the front door unlocked. Despite the family’s efforts to locate him and share information online, Desmond expressed losing hope as time passed, particularly due to his brother’s inability to communicate verbally.

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Authorities in New Mexico contacted the family after the teenager was found and evaluated at a local hospital. Desmond revealed that his brother attempted to procure food and drinks at Walmart but lacked the means to pay. Subsequently, he sought refuge in the store’s bathroom before being discovered by law enforcement.

The family, appreciative of the community’s support, embarked on a journey to New Mexico to retrieve the teenager, underscoring the importance of social media in facilitating his safe return.

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