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Non Profit Plans to expand the new facility: Misssion 911


Texas’s Corpus Christi — Mission 911 has possibly come to mind a few times for people who have been through a rough patch.

The nonprofit’s goal is to bring attention to issues and help people in the area who may need help with certain parts of their lives.

The name of the class Marnelle Collins is taking at Mission 911 is “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World.”

Collins talked about how bad things were before the class and Mission 911.

“I did everything to chase my next high,” she stated.

Collins explained that she signed up for the class because she felt it was time for a change for the better, which is where Mission 911 came in.

“I use to think so hard about getting high, but once my mind changed, why cant I think this hard about bettering myself,” she stated..

Reyes told us that the charity will still do the same work even though it is moving.

Mission 911 announces new rebranding campaign |

The building won’t have apartments for people to live in, but it will have more space for service activities.

“This new facility will give us space, one-on-one, helping individuals one-on-one,” he told us.

Reyes said that he wants their new location to have the same effect on the people around them as their current one does because of how well it works.

“Neighbourhoods started doing a little better since we moved here 22 year’s ago,” he stated.

Reyes said that by September 2024, the new building should be ready to use. The older building will be shut down once the new one is ready.

Residents who want to help Mission 911 can join a golf event on Friday at the Gabe Lozano Golf Course.

The first tee time is at noon, and check-in is at 10 a.m.

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