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More Arrests in Downtown Los Angeles Graffiti-Covered High-Rise Complex!


CNS NewsPolice in downtown Los Angeles have continued to make arrests at a high-rise under construction after it was extensively tagged with graffiti, according to authorities. Over the past 24 hours, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division reported multiple arrests of individuals found exiting the private property of Oceanside Plaza.

Among the items seized during these arrests were multiple spray paint cans and an illegal firearm, as stated in a post on the X platform. The building, situated at the intersection of 12th and South Flower streets, gained notoriety in recent weeks due to the extensive graffiti covering nearly every floor of its exterior, totaling approximately 25 floors.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating, “Our people remain at the site as the City mobilizes resources to remove the graffiti and fortify the location. All of this to avoid a tragic fall or other calamity,” on X platform. Moore added, “This isn’t art. It’s a crime.”

The city of Los Angeles is pressuring the owner of the vandalized high-rise project to clean up the property promptly, warning that if they fail to do so, the city will undertake the cleanup and bill the owner accordingly. In recent weeks, there have been multiple arrests related to trespassing at the site. Last week, four suspects were apprehended for allegedly trespassing at the location.

They were identified as Sebastian Gutierrez, 29, Andrew Rios, 30, Mauro Aguilar, 35, and Jessie Carreon, 44, according to police reports. While three of the individuals were cited and released, the fourth was detained due to a pending traffic violation warrant.

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More Arrests in Downtown Los Angeles Graffiti-Covered High-Rise Complex!

Additionally, two individuals were arrested in the preceding week on suspicion of trespassing at the building. City Councilman Kevin de León has taken action by introducing a motion aimed at addressing the graffiti issue and pursuing legal action against the building’s developer.

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